InSpirita came into being in 2003. After an early career as a pharmacist and subsequent years spent raising our four children, I had just completed a master’s degree in theology with an emphasis in spirituality and was seeking a new direction in my life.

Brimming with ideas and feminine imagery for the divine from my graduate classes, I had no clear idea what I was going to do with these ideas until a friend contacted me with a special request. She was newly graduated from seminary and about to be ordained, and wondered if I would be willing to make a quilted stole for her ordination. A lightbulb went off as I realized this would be the ideal fusion of the concepts I had been exposed to and my lifelong passion for quiltmaking.

I continue to make original design bed quilts and textile artwork intended to be hung on the wall. It has also been my privilege and delight to create hundreds of quilted liturgical stoles for clergy to be used as a part of sacred worship experiences.

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