Artist’s Statement

fingersMy work flows out of a desire to make theological concepts evident in visible form. I am especially interested in expressing the divine in feminine terms. For centuries Christian theology has been interpreted almost exclusively through a dominant male lens. There are unique insights to be gained from a woman’s perspective, and that is what I hope to express in my work.

The traditionally feminine craft of quiltmaking contributes a symbolism of its own to liturgical work. Taking a wide variety of pieces of fabric and patching them together to make a lovely whole is an allegory for the mystical Body of Christ, composed of wildly different human beings, each with a unique contribution to make to the “kin-dom” of heaven.

Flowing, organic forms are used in my stoles to evoke the movement of the Spirit in our lives. Piecing, appliqué, screen printing, quilting and embellishment are used as needed to complete each design. The stoles are available in a standard length of 51 inches (inside neck to end) or can be made to a customized length when requested.

Stoles can be ordered from a growing selection of patterns tied to the seasons of the church. Individual custom commissions are available upon request. I will work with you to design a unique stole incorporating colors and symbols with special meaning to you, elements of the natural world from your part of the country, or to mark an important occasion in the life of your faith community.

I use only the highest quality materials and am committed to creating well constructed artwork at affordable prices. Contact me today to order your own piece of liturgical artwork!

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