Stole FAQ

What is the cost of a stole?
Each individually crafted stole is $250.00, with a few exceptions that are noted in the stole descriptions.
Is it possible to get a longer/shorter stole?
The standard length of InSpirita stoles is 51″ from the inside neck to the end of the stole, made to fit an average size woman. Stoles can generally be made up to 4 inches longer or shorter as needed at no additional cost.
Is there any way to prevent the stole from riding up and rubbing against my neck?
A neutral colored cord can be sewn into the inside edges of the stole upon request if this is a concern.
How do I order a stole?
Contact InSpirita via email, telephone, or in writing and provide the following information:

Name, address, telephone number, and email address

Specific stole desired and the date it is needed by

Any special requests

Inquiries are always welcome!
How can I make payment?
Payment can be made by personal check or money order. A deposit of $100.00 is requested when the order is placed, with the remainder due upon receipt of the stole.
What are the shipping costs?
The shipping cost within the United States is $13.00 for one stole or $24.00 for two or more stoles shipped at the same time.
How should stoles be stored?
The main objective in storing any textiles is to prevent contact with light and dust. Stoles can be stored flat in a long drawer (not folded) or hung on a padded hanger. If the hanger is wood it is important to cover the wood completely with fabric so the stole is not in contact with the oils in the wood. Store in a closet or other space that will protect the vestment from light and dust.

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